The case for a drug consumption room in Glasgow is ‘more compelling’ after a study by Glasgow Caledonian, despite Westminster’s resistance. Researchers at the university have been studying the recent HIV outbreak, the largest in 30 years in Britain. They … Continue reading

Scottish universities are failing their students as they lag behind with low student counsellor numbers, despite calls and investment for better funded services. According to information obtained through multiple FOI requests, it’s estimated Scottish universities employee half the number of … Continue reading

Halloween is here once again. The girls are ghosts and the guys are girls, dressed up in all horrors. And one of those horrors is the one we see every Halloween; the ‘slutty’ Halloween outfit. Popularised by Mean Girls as … Continue reading

The fashion industry has seen a surge of Girl Power and the reintroduction of pink as a staple colour, as millennial pink graces all areas of the catwalk and our Instagram feeds. Our t-shirts are now emboldened with feminist slogans … Continue reading