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On Tuesday night I had the opportunity to see Taylor Swift live on her #1989Tour. The show was incredible, the dancer’s were perfectly choreographed and full of surprises (such as wearing heely’s, a wheeled shoe from my childhood) and the lady herself gave Scotland her all, for the very first time.

As this was Swifts’ debut into the country and one she’d be held up on for the rest of her career – a first performance is a promise of what’s to come, what the artist is capable of and for an artist as famous as Swift it would be a point of seeing if she’s as good as she’s been raved about.

Well. I hasten to admit she was as good as so many have spoken of; she took time to speak to the audience of her own experiences, as well as her thoughts on love and advice on life that resonated with many. It was an interesting side to a performer, seeing the openness and unashamed honesty on how living in the public eye is just like living as anyone else, just with a camera around. As someone who takes an active interest in media handling and image workings, the way Swift spoke frankly with her fans made the connection from singer to ‘just like you’ very well. She became more relatable, more comfortable with herself as she spoke and received such a positive response with the crowd that brought the show up higher, and made the performance much better as the audience saw what they knew as the real Taylor.

At one moment Swift spoke to her fans on life, telling them You are not the opinion of somebody who doesn’t know you. You are not damaged goods just because you’ve made mistakes in your life. You are not going nowhere just because you haven’t gotten where you want go yet”. This quote is what I want to put out to you reading this. Too often we get frustrated with ourselves for not being what exactly what we want to be in an instantaneous moment, we have been brought up as a generation to think that displaying emotion is being dramatic and that success is earning money and being in the public eye. We forget how emotional we are allowed to be and we silence our emotions in fear of being mocked; being open and letting yourself understand how up and down everything is something important to human life. We’re bombarded with with images and ideas of how we are ‘suppose’ to be, that we forget what we want to be, what we are allowed to be.

Success isn’t earning high amounts of money nor is it having thousands of people watching your every move; success can be getting out of bed in the morning when you can’t seem to face the day. It can be answering the phone when you’re frightened of what you might hear or how you might act. It can be running at your fastest time or making your first meal. It can even be making your 23rd meal and still having the ability to make a meal. Success isn’t what others deem it to be, it is what YOU deem it to be. So I’m taking the words Swift said to be and thousands of others on Tuesday night and extending them of you; You are not the opinion of somebody who doesn’t know you. You are not damaged goods just because you’ve made mistakes in your life. You are not going nowhere just because you haven’t gotten where you want go yet. 

If you want to see a snippet of Swift’s speech you can find it on my tumblr www.hernamecausedpredicaments.tumblr.com

Lastly, an interesting moment at the start of the show made me jot down the quote for memory – “I was a single 25 year old writing about love, looking from the outside looking in”. The word ‘outside’ was quite interesting as her songs from 1989 are said to be based on past alleged loves; namely Harry Styles with Style. The moment Taylor put down those rumours? I think so. This is as close as an outright ‘no’ Swift has made on the subject, going on in the show to speak about her favourite romance movies and how they set up love to be different to what it truly is; not an easy going fantasy.

Swift is more than she seems and a fantastic performer. I hope her words warmed you as they did me.

Lou x

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