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Everything in December is a
bit in between. My hair is no longer short but it’s not long, it’s
getting Christmassy but we’re still two weeks away, life isn’t exactly great
but it isn’t terrible either.
Similar to a nicotine puffing
friend you have, December gets me filled with a rush, quick bursts of romantic
frustration and an itch of something
I can’t put my finger on.
Love Actually plays around
the world, the tweets for Christmas excitement become more frequent and I flit
through the days reading, running and rushing between plans. Easy, soft
trousers are the best for this time of year – comfortable, free moving with a
winter trend pattern friend we can fall back on to (that’s houndstooth fyi.
Works every year). These jogger style trousers are ideal and make crop tops
workable without a frozen stomach or undefined abs. We will get there by
summer, if we want to.
With work parties, family
gatherings and reuniting friends we all like to get a bit more smart and
dressy. I’ve not quite got to the stage of everyday glitter, but smart black
shoes never go a miss. These dolls came in the Topshop sale at a cool £15 and
have lasted me not only all year, but two trips to London and back. Now that’s
a quality shoe.
But dressed up in black and white gets a girl thinking
about her life between the lines
What will be my 2016 goals? What have I even achieved in the last year? Will I
get the dreaded boyfriend question at the family Christmas dinner? *shudder* The
horror of it all.
I guess I’ll just have to
slip on some joggers-disguised-as-smart-trousers and pretend I have my life
together in between glasses of wine. Fake it ‘til you make it right?
Oh and remember reader,
smoking doesn’t make you cool. Even if all the cool kids are doing it. We started this year with quinoa and green
juice and by God, we’re finishing it that way.
Lou x
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Glorious, as per usual. You have made me feel bit better about not knowing everything right as this moment, and I definitely feel less overwhelmed about not knowing. Thank you. Also, love the outfit. And the photo definitely captures your edgy essence beautifully.

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