Harry Styles. You’ll know the name; you’re probably slightly bored of the name in fact, of the ‘boy band’ silliness and the incredible amount of people, both men and women, that fawn over him.

But with Jaden Smith being announced as one of the faces for the Louis Vuitton Womenswear SS’16, marking an incredible moment in fashion as clothing becomes more fluid, starting a new chapter the fashion world has been waiting for in the last 5 years.

See, I have a secret. I think the guy sort of rocks. Not for being in One Direction or being a good looking guy; there’s nothing wrong with the band or his appearance. You see, I think Styles rocks because of… Well his style. Among other things. But before you go bursting into T-Swift lyrics of white t-shirts and James Dean looking eyes (fyi the song is NOT about him see this blog post that explains it), I want you to listen to why I think, H Styles is important.

Louis Vuitton embroidered silk bomber jacket. V cool.

First of all, his style. It’s really cool; constantly new and more out of the box patterned shirts, the wicked coats, the amount of YSL and Tommy Hilfiger the boy wears is envy-worthy.

He also wears women’s jeans because he prefers the fit, loud boots that scream personal taste and the long hair has stayed no matter how many trends his fans have done to make him take a chop. This is why I like him, because he wears whatever the hell he wants. Gender be damned. Pink boots? He’s worn them and worn them well. Women’s jeans? He buys ’em on the regular.

Paige Denim to be more precise. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is also a fan and the face of one of their campaigns.

Long hair? He doesn’t care. He has become more and more himself as time has gone on; his image at the start of One Direction as the ‘good-looking slow one’ or ‘the womaniser’ has fallen away to reveal the real Styles. He’s quick witted, he’s polite all the freaking time, he isn’t ashamed to act how he wants and put his opinions out there.

The coolest boots
Which leads onto another aspect I admire Styles. He pushes gender stereotypical boundaries with his clothing and his performances on stage like s
He openly supports LGBT charities as well as donning the first openly gay American football player’s jersey as support at a One Direction concert. He doesn’t care with simutanouesly caring a whole awful lot. From what I see of him, I perceive it to be himself more than any poorly crafted media image we’ve seen from other celebrities. He uses his fame well, by highlighting issues and not being afraid of speaking out (in the most polite way, which somehow makes it so much better) on subjects like homophobia and sexism.

“We’re men” chants at a 1D concert, showing a gender isn’t confined in the perceptions of masculinity. You can still be man while doing things deemed ‘feminine’. Very important.

He identifies as a feminist and congratulated Emma Watson on her HeForShe campaign, thus opening his fans and audience to what feminism is and why it’s important. He, along with 1D, have launched a campaign with the UN called #action1D were you can have a say on issues like poverty, inequality and climate change. Not only is this a massive moment for our generation (more on that later), but also demonstrates just how socially aware this guy is. And so brings forth to thousands, even millions of people. *He waves rainbow flags at his concerts and acknowledges how important the day love won in America with same sex marriage finally being granted in every state. He repeatedly encourages his fans to do what makes them happiest, to have a ‘happy pride’ and supports LGBTQ+ visibility in a world where so many queer people are closeted and scared.

One of my favourite casual looks – loud boots, a coat on trend and a daring choice of hat. Because we’re SO over the beanie, didn’t you know?

He creates a safe space for them, forget about how he’s in One Direction – he is a man with a large platform, in one of the biggest and popular bands the world has ever seen and he openly supports, acknowledges and cares for his queer fans. He helps bring visibility, I mean the guy brought down Sea World almost with his off hand comment, they had a 400% spike of complaints and backlash in the media just after it which was FAR MORE than Blackfish did. So him showing support and repeatedly waving rainbow flags which he TAKES FROM FANS, he CHOOSES to wave them and accept them is so important. For any queer young person, to see someone that influential (you can scoff, but Sea World is proof enough if you want to google) being ‘yes, you are important. I love you, I acknowledge this side of you and this is a safe space for you’ is incredible.

Plus, what other male celeb do you know of our generation who can rock a flared, floral Gucci suit? I know, I know. No one. He wears Gucci, Saint Laurent Paris, Louis Vuitton and personalised Daniel W Fletcher on the regular, so this guy knows his labels. He proudly stated what he was wears recently at the AMA’s, so it isn’t me hazarding a guess.

Backless sheer shirts? Incredible.

The guy’s admirable for how he handles not just his cool shirts, but for how he handles himself in the media while becoming more and more himself. He’s grown up from the 16 year old on The X Factor and it’s wicked to observe.

Harry Styles. More than a boy band member. He’s also been announced as one of GQ’s Most Stylish Man Alive fyi. As well as their Best Dressed Brit boy. So I guess it’s not just me that thinks his style rocks. The more you know.

Lou x

*I add this expansion after the comments his fellow band member Liam Payne made in Attitude magazine, as many many fans were deeply upset, feeling unsafe and worthless. I add this because I want it to be noted just how important it is for Harry Styles to recognise his LGBTQ+ fans and how much he makes them feel protected, loved and acknowledged. No matter what band, he openly supports visibility and struggles. If you don’t believe me get on Twitter or Tumblr and then come back and argue with me. Visibility and support is important, no matter what the source.

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