What’s Going On At Vogue?

Vogue is the most iconic
fashion magazine, ever. With countless celebrities and models gracing the
covers, ad’s filling in between the latest know-how of the elusive fashion
world and the clothes we drool over as we eat our Sunday brunch. Yet, there’s
something going on at Vogue.

What’s happening to Vogue magazine?

Anna Wintour (she’s the
Editor-in-Chief fyi) is having a bit of a secret moment. I say secret, but that article on ELLE America really isn’t
much of a secret. Have you read it? Pretty interesting read and I think it
reinforces the changes in the fashion industry we’ve been seeing.
Since the rise of Instagram
taking over our social media lives; the increase in FOMO, paid ads which now
HAVE to say #ad (advertising rules), social media stars and models means we’ve
been getting a lot more in our face about how to live, dress and act. The use
of social media in modelling is taking over those who are talented, just not
social media savvy. The best example?
Kendall Jenner getting an entire Vogue to herself.
That’s a whole magazine of JUST Kendall Jenner. On a
hoverboard. Looking like a H&M ad.
Sorry what?
And then after digesting
this, a spread of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik for Vogue magazine is ‘leaked’ – a
couple who have been ‘dating’ for just over 2 months. The spread was shot by
Mario Testino, one of the most famous photographers in the world yet it looked…
bland. Boring. Something we see more cheesy advertisements then a glossy
fashion magazine (below someone actually did turn it into advertisements). So what’s going on at Vogue? It seems almost every issue
either has Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner somewhere, or both. Why is it the same
models over and over again, and why should we give a damn about a young couple
who are arguably in a PR relationship. Where’s the talent? The inspirational
spreads? Where’s the originality for
crying out loud?
the Daily Mail or The Sun; this is a reputable magazine that’s shaped the very
face of fashion. Anna Wintour changed the way we saw magazines by putting celebrities
on the cover – so why has it all suddenly become very vanilla?
Where’s the level of
inspiration like Naomi Campbell on the cover of the September issue? Is it
because social media models are the new generation supermodels with only a few
years of modelling behind them, but millions of followers on Instagram, so this
makes them more talented at modelling? Is it the fast fashion pace where
everything must be done as soon as possible to keep in the rat race, so there’s
the constant need for ‘on point’ covers and spreads? Could Vogue be burning out?

 Fast Fashion has taken a turn
for the worst with our instant gratification needs; you see those Raf Simons
Dior boots and want them? Public Desire do a cheaper version you can buy now!
Want a Chanel jacket? Zara are doing ones similar? YSL buckle boots? Haven’t
you seen Topshop – they’re doing them for forty quid! It’s CONSTANT and never
ending, but it feels like something has got to give to keep the fashion
industry, the part that’s actually fashion
and not advertisement, alive.
Many people are calling for a
change when it concerns modelling such as @IMONATION with this piece. It appears not everyone is happy with the way things are going on and
how instead of making trends, Vogue is following them. But what can change? We
cannot reverse the effects social media, just like we cant get over our Monday
FOMO with a fancy treat-yo-self coffee. Maybe instead it’s time to see a fight,
a fashion revolution. After all, the waves of change are being felt across the
industry, as Gucci is set to unify male and female clothing in 2017 (I wrote a
thing previously on unisex clothing, see here). But as I sit here, I long for
something more. Something bigger and extravagant, something mind-blowingly
genius I will talk about for years later, rather than the rest of the week. I
want to see something that goes beyond a hashtag, something that lasts. I don’t
know what it is, but I can feel it starting. There’s a whisper, a tremble, the
beginning of a wave and it’s coming. Soon.
Until then I’ll roll my eyes
at every poor spread Vogue come up with and wonder where our saviour is,
tucking away my observations until I can form a full, articulate post. Maybe
it’s you as you read this, nodding along. Perhaps, but as it stands all I can
wonder is why British Vogue struggles so much and puts Kate Moss on the cover
when it appears they’re fresh out of ideas. Why Kate discussing The Rolling
Stones and not the Stones themselves, dressed in a flurry of Gucci, Saint
Laurent Paris and Marc Jacobs? Imagine the sort of imagery we could have with
Mick Jagger mimicking his younger self, but in Gucci. Or Keith Richards jumping
around in Saint Laurent, skinny scarfs wrapped around his neck and head. Ronnie
Wood causing a ruckus in between takes, smearing kohl eyeliner across Keith and
stealing the custom suit jackets. Charlie Watts dressed in subtle Givenchy
suits, rolling his eyes at it all before getting stuck in, leather jacket in
hand. Kate is an icon, there’s no doubt about it. And yet, it feels like a safety blanket. It’s what we see time and time

The Rolling Stones in an editorial is something so appealing, so powerful than what we’ve recently been seeing.
I understand Insta-models are
becoming the new curve, but the level of nepotism at Vogue magazine is becoming
boring. Where’s my fight? Where’s the creativity, instead of the mediocre? Where
are the rebels like Alexander McQueen? All I can think is how much businesses
are falling into the trap of gossipy click-bait, turning more Cosmopolitan by
the day. Shouldn’t something still stand as pure and unapologetically what it
is; high fashion.
But instead, money leads the
charge. After all Esteé Lauder are the sole
advertisers in the Kendall Jenner issue
, who funnily enough is the face of
Esteé Lauder currently.
Strange how those things work
in coincidence isn’t it?
That’s my two cents.
After all, we are allowed to be negative about the things we’ve previously adored. As a young girl, I picked up my cousins Vogue in wonder of the beauty of it all, the luxuriousness and craftsmanship, the genus behind each piece. Now I can predict the next issue with a sigh. 

Lou x

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3 Responses to What’s Going On At Vogue?

  1. Lauren says:

    Lou, this post is MAGIC. I never missed a copy of ELLE for about 10 years and then cancelled my subscription last year. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I was just fed up of the whole thing. Kendall and Gigi are NOT editorial, they are NOT high fashion. Give me a Stella Tennant or Erin O'Connor over these bitches any day. If Mario Testino had to shoot non-celebrities, his career would be over, because it's the only interesting thing about any of his photos.

    And breathe…

    • louramsay says:

      HELL YES HELL YES HELL YES !!! All of the praise hand emoji right now to this comment, oh my gosh. I'm so glad you feel the same way! It can feel like the art and heart of fashion is dying as everyone goes Insta-mad over these models. WHERES MY NEXT NAOMI?

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