Summer Days – a thought

“She was becoming herself and daily casting aside that fictitious self which we assume like a garment with which to appear before the world.”

– The Awakening

I’m wearing – ASOS Off Shoulder Mini Dress in red (here
and ASOS sandals (no longer available)
In summer days, the heat is all around us. 
The sun beats down and my head feels dizzy; dizzy of all the things I need to do, dizzy of how time is moving so fast, yet so slow, dizzy from the smell of his aftershave. Dizzy as a girl can be with summer stretching lazily like a cat in front of her, every day a blank slate waiting to be filled.
It’s funny then, that I am feeling all of these emotions and I’m dressed like an emoji. A Bardot dress makes summer feel possible, even if the weather starts to dull down. I’m still smiling, a lady in red, with the world in front of her and adventures to begin. 
As you read this, I’m at home and the thunder is brewing above me, mimicking the sound of my coffee pot. I’ve been dancing around the kitchen with my younger brother, the very personification of the dancing lady emoji. It’s no coincidence then, that Monday night brought a new moon, for new chapters are beginning, both for you and I. That New Moon Monday was two weeks ago and I can still feel the changes happening round me, for one Scotland is as hot as Barcelona. Is that even possible?
As scary as new starts are, the beginning of something shiny and new, I feel myself warm. Warm like I was in the Barcelona sun, smiling and laughing because it’s summer and I’m happy. No longer do I wish for longer days to take my tasks apart slowly like a lover, no I’m rushing to the new, won’t you join me too?

For the here and now, I’m content as one is during summer, to sit back and let it all pass. I think, maybe, this new chapter was the break to catch my breath I was waiting for. Anways. I’ll be the girl dancing in the street in red, both from my attire and the way he makes me blush. Just don’t tell me how it clashes with my dress, will you?
Lou x

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