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  1. Emily says

    Great post! Some people really get caught up in it and I think there are too many bloggers these days trying to be something they're not just to try get a bit of social media attention. You do you girl 🙂

  2. Amy says

    I love this post! You're completely right – the fun of blogging goes out the window once you get too caught up in it and take it too seriously. I feel sad for some of the blogs I began following from day dot slowly turn into one sponsored post after another than isn't a fit but they want the freebie. I've just come across your blog and I love it – your style and how you write is amazing.

    Amy |

    • louramsay says

      Thank you Amy!! Feel the same – blogging now is seen more as a way to make quick cash, and it never started from there. It should be a hobby that one day may turn into something with hard work. But that should never be the goal, it feels too false!
      Thank you so much :)) checking your blog out as we speak! Lets be friends x

  3. Justine Machin says

    Loved this. And it's so true! Let's face it, there's probably quicker and easier ways to get rich and famous. I personally would hate to be famous. And I'm lucky that my income comes from my FT job so blogging can remain what I want it to be, fun and my creative outlet! xx

    • louramsay says

      I completely agree with you Justine :)) forever a creative outlet, to be used with love and care and never a cash cow.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it <3 xx

  4. Adrianne Calgie says

    I loved this. I don't write about what most bloggers with thousands of readers write about and I don't have thousands of Instagram followers because I don't post pastels or flatlays but I post what I like and I'm happy with it. We have all these platforms to make our own mark on the internet and spend so much time trying to emulate others. It could be such a good thing- if only more people saw that and made what they felt like making!

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