Certain behaviour can occur when one wears a lot of colour and embraces age. Now 21 might sound young to a lot (and old to a faithful few) but this girl has been getting mellow and dressing in more yellow. Summer is around the corner and while I'm not preparing for a holiday in the sun, I'm getting my wardrobe beach body ready. That is brightening up my wardrobe, not feeling the pressures of trash rag mags to make my bod more pleasing for 'em. After a flurry of deadlines, both university or otherwise and a winter cold as it gets in The North, a little sunshine won't hurt nobody.

There's a lot of things to stress over, but cliches in summer are to be embraced. Why not do the things repeatedly done? Like buy sunglasses that only last a season or find old swimsuits that somehow always come back trending. Because being a 90's baby is oh-so-easy and Pamela Anderson's Baywatch bikini will never go out of style. 

As of right now I'm organising a trip, perhaps to Paris again, where a day of rain is desired for a day to dedicate only to walking around modern art galleries and bookstores, flittering between cafés for coffee.  The only issue I'll be tussling with is baker boy or beret, forget any form of word count or T. S. Eliot. The final year of uni is coming of course but there's sun, rosé and a hell lot of fun to be had before.

Because how can one be sad in Paris, when the city demands your most sophisticated and sexy self?

There's no denying how much the French do it better, so this cloud of rainbow is going to be tamed down to skirts made for miles of architecture and wedges made for walking. Faux-leather skirts by Zara cover ever shade of the rainbow right now, but they will be swapped for something more floral. This summer I'll be doing my best La La Land impersonation, but the jazz will be swapped for Anderson .Paak's album Malibu.

No longer am I dressing up in neutral's like nicotine, no instead I'm reading Frank O'Hara and Barthes, letting them do the thinking for me. Life's made for experiences, so what best way to kick off my summer of 21 than with Paris and literature?

I truly do believe in making the most of the now, perhaps that's why I have such a caffeine habit. But finishing off the most gruelling year of academia to date only makes me want to learn more, see more, do more. The political climate of the world feels like it's forever teetering, for only a few days ago did Donald Trump make another faux pas with Great Britain and the distribution of information, so I think a little escapism is justified. Especially when that escapism involves good art, good wine and joie de vivre.

And Paris? Oh I can't wait to tell you about her.

She blew my mind more I thought she would, but not for the reason you might think. I'm not easily charmed, especially other things supposedly charming. But that's another day, another post. 

For now I'm going to dress up for fun, explore and experience more things than ever. I have books to get through, a photographer to look for and humans I want to see more of. The look here? Jacket is Levi vintage, bought a year ago in Amsterdam but you can find similar here. The skirt is Zara, similar ones of blue and yellow here. The shoes? Oh baby, they're a steal from ASOS and comfy as hell. I encourage these to be bought so look here.


Here's to this summer, dressing for the LOOK and caring about things more than ever.

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