The Halloween Debate; Slutty or Gloulish?

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Halloween is here once again. The girls are ghosts and the guys are girls, dressed up in all horrors. And one of those horrors is the one we see every Halloween; the ‘slutty’ Halloween outfit.

Popularised by Mean Girls as Halloween “is the one time of year a girl can dress like a slut and nobody can say anything about it”. But let me tell you – I don’t half see a lot of people saying a lot about these provocative costumes. So we can say that claim by Cady Heron is more dead than a zombiefied fresher.

But let’s be real – what is it about those outfits that rile us up so much? Is it the exposed skin? The girls on social media feeling confident? The change of your favourite Disney characters for Adult Friendly viewing? And if it is the exposed skin, why is there such a call on ‘sluts’ when during summer girls will wear crop tops and shorts? By adding some fake blood and badly done eyeshadow for vampire eyes, it suddenly makes everyone... dare I say it… a prude.

Society seems to hate a girl with confidence – I’ve always said a girl with confidence is a revolution. And so many guys come out, in their own bad Halloween costumes (your tshirt with fake blood isn’t original, the same way me painting whiskers on my face isn’t), slagging off girls for what they wear. And no doubt this will either be before or after they’ve actually attempted to try and hook up with a girl in a sexy costume. The rejection stings, even more so than a regular night out, because those who cry over sexed up costumes are usually the ones frustrated over how good the girl looks.

It’s easier to tear someone down in costume, because people put thought into their costume. They’re excited to go out and have fun with their friends, keep Halloween as a holiday going as they mature and yes mature Halloween up as they do so.

We cant go out trick or treating, so we’ll wear fishnets and know we look good as hell.

But why exactly do we demand to have a say in what a woman wears? What makes your opinion over a provocative outfit so important, that women should stay away from these costumes and obey the idea of not being the 'slut'? Why the hell should you get a say on what I wear, and why do you deem in to be bigger than my own personal choice? We need to stop caging women into one ideal; women are human beings too, in case you forgot. We don't bend to every will and perception of a stranger, a media outlet or simply a man. We are filled with sides and complexities to ourselves - so don't tell me how boring it is when a girl dresses as a cat. 

It's boring when you think I should care. And even more boring when you and your 'lads' all are wearing tshirts covered in blood. The same white tshirt.

And for girls who call other girls out as sluts or whore, tweeting their dislike for those who have dressed sexy, all I have to ask is this. Who hurt you? What makes you so mad at these strangers you see walking down the street? I get it, they look good. They’re feeling their outfits, themselves. You can see the confidence as they walk in their fishnets or holdups. And don’t they look good? Maybe it’s jealously leaking out with your words. Maybe you feel you don’t get enough male attention, so crave validation over sharing the same opinion. The one they will drop in a hot minute as soon as a Lara Croft or a sexy devil starts flirting back.

Halloween is a night of fun. It’s a night of alcohol and dancing when you’re in your 20’s. The times where you don’t actually have to be so sensible you’re a prude. You can let your hair down. Shake a stocking-clad leg and do the Monster Mash. Wear outrageous lipstick you don’t dare wear normally, because everyone’s dressed up. Dressed up to have fun. The way Halloween is intended to be – for fun.

And really. Have you never been low on money so drawn some whiskers, instead of forking out £40 on a costume?

This Halloween, if you don’t feel like dressing up as something sexy then do the easy thing and let others. Dress up your attitude into one that’s not stinking of misogyny, internalised or otherwise.

Because really, the only reason you don’t like the girl dancing in lace is because you A) want to be with her or B) want to be dressed like her, confidence and all. Try it. Have fun.

But don’t talk up on girl power and solidarity, if you can’t let girls do whatever they want. Especially on a holiday that’s made for having fun. Hating on ‘slutty’ outfits isn’t fun, but wearing them? The most fun.

Lou x

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