Hello! I'm Lou, a 21 year old journalism and english lit student from Glasgow. Glad to make your acquaintance, and welcome to #Predicaments! My self confessed corner of the interweb for all things high and low brow of journalism; mixing up fashion with think pieces, words with photography and contemplations curled into musings. From the highest journalism articles to the guilty pleasures, this is The New Age of the in-between. 

So what's the back story? Well #Predicaments was born on a warm August day when I was a 16 year old teen. Over time, she changed and grew until I swapped my blogpost for the site you're reading with relish right now; www.predicamentsoflou.com created by Gatto Web.

Right now I'm finishing my BA Honours degree and writing on the side whenever I can find the time (4th year can be crazy). I am currently the Sub-Editor for The Strathclyde Telegraph and write a popular agony-aunt-style column in The Strathclyde Telegraph, asking the questions we shy away from and give some Sunday evening style pep talks. I've been featured in Emma Gannon's newsletter speaking about squad goals, the Bad Blood music video as well as how to deal with grief. I've written for Obsessory Blog debating is fashion feminist?

I'm always on the look out for new creative projects to get involved in; writing, editing, or fashion styling and photography. Come say hello in the contact form - I'm already excited to read your mail!

Welcome to The New Age.

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